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Review: Beerfest

In celebration of Oktoberfest, I present you my review of Beerfest! This movie has something for everyone so I’m honestly not entirely sure where to begin. Although, I usually like to focus on the story in films, so I might as well start there.

For a movie with this much craziness, it actually has a pretty solid, logical story progression. Patriarch dies, gets shamed in home country, remaining family members vow revenge. The details are a little unconventional, but the storyline itself isn’t completely far-fetched. The parts of the film that ARE hard to believe are easily shrugged off, as this film does an excellent job of making you suspend disbelief in exchange for enjoying how ridiculous it is.

Only somewhat separated from the story is the use of comedy. Being a comedic film, this might seem weird that I’m mentioning this but stay with me. This movie uses pretty much every form of comedy imaginable, including something for everyone. There’s something for your horribly racist friend (all the racial stereotypes, anyone?), crude sex jokes, slapstick, wordplay, you name it. It’s all there.

The fact that this film is able to combine so many forms of comedy and not make you feel bombarded with any of them is interesting. A lot of films will stick to one or two forms, but this one is able to combine pretty much everything and keep it balanced. Not many comedy films these days are good at branching out into various forms of comedy, so it’s nice to see a movie that is comfortable with the whole range.

Back to the suspension of disbelief, this film does a great job of making you not take things too seriously. A lot of films, even comedies these days, want you to take at least some part of the story seriously, while this film makes fun of that from the beginning. To anyone who has not seen this movie, the first scene is rather serious until you find out that everyone involved is not a gang member as they so seem, but rather members of the church preparing to hold a funeral.

This juxtaposition is actually quite interesting because the scene itself is funny due to the church seeming like the mafia, yet there is a scene that does the opposite for a dramatic effect in The Godfather, but I digress.

Beerfest is a movie that (almost) everyone will find something amusing in. It may not have groundbreaking cinematography or a love interest to balance things out (which I honestly don’t understand as a comedy trend in the first place), but it does deliver on what it promises: drunken shenanigans.

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