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Words Cannot Express My Sadness. Prayers to Colorado.

Originally, I was going to write a “rants and raves” post about The Dark Knight Rises. I am not going to do that now for many reasons. As many of us now know, a twenty-four year old neuroscience graduate student planned out a vicious attack for last night’s premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. So far news reports are saying that twelve people have died. This entire situation makes my heart sink and I cannot express my condolences enough.  I am thankful that I was able to attend a midnight screening last night with my loved ones and arrive home safely.


However, there is word around the rumor mill that people are calling on Warner Brothers to cancel screenings of the film, if not pull the film from theaters entirely. There was an article posted on earlier today by Mack Rawden stating that we cannot give in to fear during this time, as it is exactly what the shooter would want us to do. I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. Pulling the movie from theaters will not bring the victims back. As tragic as this is, we cannot blame the movie for the deranged thinking of one man. We must stand together as fans, friends, families, and even Americans. I will not post a review of this film because I feel that you should all go see it for yourselves. If not for the sake of a summer blockbuster, for the sake of the lives that were lost while simply trying to have fun. Fear cannot run our lives. Go see the film and enjoy yourselves in the way these victims were denied. To quote the film, “sometimes a man rises up out of the darkness”. We must rise out of this darkness and not let this shooter win.