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Review: The Batman Complex

I apologize for not posting a review this week, but I have been far busier than normal. However, to compensate I would like to get a little more personal. I am a huge Batman fan and would like to spend the next few weeks getting everyone ready for The Dark Knight Rises. I know it’s a little early, just stick with me on this one. Instead of a review, this week I have decided to introduce you all to a fan-made video I found on youtube last year. It is called The Batman Complex.

This video caught my attention for many reasons. First and most relevant to film in general, this is one of the best examples of re-editing films together that I have ever seen. Most youtube re-edits I have seen have simply combined the concepts of two different films, but this one uses a wide variety of films to tell a very interesting story. What if Bruce Wayne wasn’t actually Batman, but simply imagined he was due to a mental illness?  I honestly love this idea to the point that I wish it really was a full-length film, but I digress. By using a wide variety of films, the editor was able to use scenes out of context in a way that allows more creative freedom to tell his own story. As a parting gift for the week, I present you with two other versions of this story by the same editor.